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Singer, Songwriter, Arranger, Producer and Director 

  The artist E-Jay Mills, continues to redefine the word " Independent Artist ". E-Jay Mills (Eddie James Miller Jr.), was born on March 27, in Long Island N.Y.. Growing up in a musical family  inspired him to take a strong interest in music, that he was able to  memorize and sing songs even before he could walk. During his elementary school years, E-Jay submitted the first song he ever wrote entitled, “Wouldn’t it be great”, into a song writing contest. The song won first place and was recognized throughout Suffolk County Educational district. His talent continued to be recognized throughout the remaining school years that follow, as he perform in many singing contests, solo acts, and electrifying audiences  in his Pop/R&B concert performance.

    After his formal school years, E-Jay never wavier,  he continued to perfect his craft by writing songs and  working at studio recordings.  From there, he began performing as a solo act throughout Long Island and New York City , which landed him the opportunity, in 2009, to perform at the legendary Apollo Theater. There he was recognized as one of the winners for his vocal performance.

      This encouragement led him to his next career move, so in 2010, not satisfied with just being a mediocre singer and song writer, the multi-talented  artist took creative control of his career and decided to challenge himself by launching his own production company, " E-Jay Mills Production". There  he, began pushing the envelope even more, by  arranging and producing  his music, as well as, directing and editing all of his music videos.  In 2015, E-Jay Mills released his first solo project, "Who is E-Jay Mills?", which was written, produced, and arranged, by the artist. Today, the unstoppable E-Jay Mills, is presently performing and released his follow up album "Unbroken" on March 27, 2019, while gaining recognizable hits on you-tube. His work can be seen, streamed,or purchased at the following: All online streaming services, you-tube, and purchased at, ITunes or Amazon. 

Often referred to as this generation’s “Prince” or “Rick James” for his exceptional singer-songwriter and producer abilities, E-Jay Mills is a multi-genre artist with true diversity at the heart of his sound, and an innate ability to defy the odds, no matter how hard they’re stacked against him. Based in Atlanta, Georgia but originally hailing from Copiague, New York, he reels in everything from Pop, R&B, Gospel, and more. Above all, E-Jay Mills’ wide-ranging sonic palette lends itself to a listening experience that is highly dynamic and deeply expressive.


For him, music is not just a blank canvas to paint on, but also a reflection of his current state of mind. Perpetually in flux and never static, E-Jay Mills uses music to highlight topics of all shapes and sizes. It’s music that gets you thinking as much as it gets you moving.


E-Jay Mills takes all that was great about the old-school singer-songwriter/producer formula and repurposes it into something that is uniquely his own. In 2009, he was a winner at the world-famous Apollo Theater and went on to release two successful independent albums, ‘Who is E-Jay Mills’ (2015), and ‘Unbroken’ (2019). Additionally, he went on to release multiple self-made music videos to support those releases.

Growing up in the thick of New York, E-Jay Mills was exposed to a range of genres, and inevitably has left a lasting impression on his current work. He’s been singing for as long as he can remember, realizing both his gift and passion from a very early age. By the third grade, he was already taking home first-place songwriting trophies. This passion for music grew exponentially, and now manifests itself as his life’s purpose and his destiny. Today, his aim is to create a brand that changes the face of entertainment as we know it, redefining what it means to be an independent artist.

Who is …E-Jay Mills?
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Years active:



R&b,Pop,Rock, Alternative


Copiague, New York 


E-Jay Mills


E-Jay Mills


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